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If you are being stalked, or if you are concerned about someone who is the target of this potentially very dangerous crime, safety should be at the top of your priority list. Being the target of an obsessed person is a frightening experience. But it isn’t necessary to live in fear. Learning how to be safe is the key.

This book explains what stalking is, how to keep it from overwhelming your life, what is known about evaluating a stalker’s potential to turn violent, and how to keep the situation from becoming worse, while being ready for anything. Using scenarios based on real stalking cases, this book overflows with detailed, practical strategies to put you in control of your life, and let you break the cycle of terror.

About the author:

Lyn Bates is a founder and vice president of the non-profit AWARE, an organization devoted to teaching women to protect themselves from stalking and lethal assault. An award-winning expert on anti-stalking defensive strategies, she has helped thousands of people to avoid potential dangers and, when necessary, protect themselves with defensive weapons from pepper spray to firearms.

This book is intended for advanced students, practioners, and researchers in clinical psychology, psychiatry, and personality psychology, and to practioners and policy makers in policing and criminal justice. It is a comprehensive international survey of what is known about stalking and psychosexual harassment. Topics include violence, risk assessment, case management, and aspects of therapeutic intervention for both stalking offenders and their victims.

About the editors:
Drs. Boon and Sheridan are forensic psychologists at the University of Leicester, in the United Kingdom.

“Cat and Mouse” is a dangerous game played between a stalker and the victim – a game in which the victim can spend years living a lifestyle of reaction to every move the stalker makes. But there is a way to exit the game, by changing your identity, completely, legally, and safely. This short, focused, how-to book was written by someone who successfully did just that.

About the author:

Jane Davenport is a native of Texas with B.A. degree in Sociology. She served on a mayor’s committee against domestic violence on the board of directors for a women’s shelter. She is the former victim of stalker.

From an Amazon reader review:
Overall, this book is an excellent resource and handbook for any agency or professional who is actively working cases and providing direct services to targeted victims of this crime.

About the author:

Joseph H. Davis, PhD, is a nationally recognized expert in the field of public safety psychology, with a background in both psychology and law.