Ugh. I don’t like guns!

You are not alone.

Don’t let that keep you from learning something about them, however.

Some basic info about guns

We know, guns have an awful reputation, but in fact, compared to the tremendous number of guns out there, there are remarkably few deaths. And yes, all of those deaths should not happen.

Most guns and gun owners are safe. And yes, all of the unsafe ones should be stopped.

How can this seeming contradiction be?

We hope that curiosity, or some other motive, is leading you to look at this website. Just being curious about guns is a good place to start. You can be curious even if you feel you don’t like or are afraid of them.

Maybe you have some particular interest in guns, such as for protection. Most women who own guns say that is the reason.

Guns can be surprisingly fun AND SAFE to learn about, own and to shoot, once you learn how to do those things safely.

Be brave enough to explore a little about guns from responsible sources, and you will be surprised at the result,

What is so special about women and guns?

Quite a lot. Not to be too gender specific, but men tend to be interested in guns for how they work, and women for what they can do.

Most women who own guns say the reason is for protection.

Women and men typically have different size & strength hands, making guns that are suitable for one group (suitable means comfortable to hold, safe to load and unload, managing trigger pull, easy, safe and accurate to shoot) unsuitable for the other group.

Women typically have bodies and clothing that differ from men’s, making extreme differences in how one can conceal and carry a gun.

There are a number of websites and organizations that have excellent firearm information for women.

What kind of gun should I get?

None at all.

Not until you have had some training.

Buying a gun before you have had some training would be like buying a horse before you have taken riding lessons. A very bad idea, on so many levels.

Safety is the first consideration. Gun or horse, there are things you need to do and things you need to not do to be safe. Guns, like horses, are remarkably safe once you know how to handle them properly.

For a beginner, learning about guns should go hand in hand with learning about gun safety.

There are different kinds of guns for different purposes. The gun you might use to go to the shooting range to punch paper targets is very different from the gun you might keep at home for protection. The gun that seems to fit your hand in the gun store, and was highly recommended by the salesman, can be absolutely awful to shoot.

For all those reasons and many more, get some training before you think seriously about getting a gun.

Where can I get training?

For introductory training in basic safety and how to shoot, you can usually find good training locally. Regardless of what you might think of the NRA, they have created excellent introductory courses. You don’t have to join the NRA to take these courses. Two courses that are very good for beginners are First Steps, and Basic Pistol. You can find certified instructors in your area. on the NRA website. You might even find a woman instructor if that would make you more comfortable,

Many find an instructor by going to a local gun shop and asking if there are instructors they recommend.

Another method is to find a local gun school or gun club and ask about their classes for beginners.

Additionally, browse through the Firearms Instruction list on this website, which has a national list of organizations and also a few specifically run by women or or for women.

Where can I learn more about firearms?

Especially if you are thinking about getting a gun for protection, you will need training beyond the safety and marksmanship that is needed for any gun owner. There are people and organizations that specialize in that aspect of firearms. Get training, information and advice from real people and reputable organizations, not YouTube.

Some firearm information especially for women is elsewhere on this site.

Once you get started, you can learn more from many others. You might find it tremendously fun to go to a shooting range occasionally just to plink at paper targets. You can learn from others shooters who are interesting in using guns the same way you like for target practice, fun or personal protection.

There are dozens of organization with missions from political to personal. You might be surprised at the number of compatible people you find at the gun range or online.