Assault Prevention

This is an overview and demonstration of various effective self-protection options. Realistic scenarios are discussed, including the audio of an actual 911 call. Corporations, civic groups, health clubs, and women’s clubs all make great audiences for this presentation.

During this course, you will:

    • Learn about boundary setting, with body and voice
    • Learn to say “No!”
    • Learn about the continuum of force (how effective responses must be matched to the level of threat)
    • Understand a range of self-protection options
    • Learn sources of additional training
    • Have a chance to have your questions about self-protection answered
Class duration:

2 hours (can be lengthened or shortened to meet special requirements)


Free for groups of 10 or more. AWARE offers this class as a public service to the community

Prerequisite courses:


Course Schedule and Registration:

These presentations are scheduled on an individual basis. Please contact AWARE to discuss arrangements for your organization.