As an acronym, AWARE stands for Arming Women Against Rape and Endangerment, but don't interpret the word "arming" too literally. In our name, it implies that one can (and indeed should) be armed with courage, spirit, knowledge, and determination, whether or not one is armed with an extrinsic weapon.

AWARE's mission is to educate the individuals (primarily women, but also men) about issues related to personal safety.

Regardless of whether you consider yourself

    afraid of guns, don’t want to own one, but a little curious

    somewhat knowledgeable, but want to learn more

    wanting to be a responsible user of a license to carry

    a stalking victim needing to know more about safety

AWARE can help you.  We have helped many people like you. While there is minimal cost for our training, information for people who are being stalked is free.

This website has a huge amount of information about diverse situations and methods of protection.  Just browse, or try searching for what you are interested in, like robbery, stalk, or concealed carry and see what pops up.

Enjoy our website, subscribe to our blog, and let us know how we can help you.


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