AWARE is a volunteer non-profit organization that is funded primarily by donations, large and small.

Individuals and organizations can show their support for AWARE by donating via credit card on the web:

 or by mailing donations to:

    PO Box 242
    Bedford MA 01730-0242

Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have experience in marketing, publicity, or public outreach? AWARE is looking for volunteers to help us publicize our new web site, promote our book on Safety for Stalking Victims, and develop and implement a new program for women at high risk of violence.

“Like” us on Facebook, Tweet about us to your friends, write about us in your Blog.

Do you have experience in fund raising for non-profit groups? AWARE needs assistance in finding and taking advantage of funding opportunities, which includes the development of new programs.

Instructors Needed

AWARE Is Looking for a Few Good Women (Instructors)

Are you a woman in eastern Massachusetts who’s a Certified Firearms Instructor, or wants to become one? Are you looking for an opportunity to use your skills? If so, then AWARE is looking for you!

AWARE is a not-for-profit, educational organization which helps women learn effective self-protection. Our curriculum includes introductory firearms safety and marksmanship courses. The classes are open to women and men, and they are taught by both female and male instructors, but we do place special emphasis on the needs and concerns of female students. We recognize that for some female students, having female role models is an important part of breaking down the myths, misconceptions, and stereotypes that surround guns and shooting.

Many certified instructors find it difficult to make use of their skills, because they lack access to facilities or because they’re not yet confident to run classes on their own. AWARE’s instructors can share their years of teaching experience with you. You’ll have the opportunity to coach students in live-fire exercises under the supervision of an experienced instructor. You’ll be able to lead classroom sessions with the support of instructors who’ve been through it before.

You’ll be able to pass along your interest in and enjoyment of shooting with women for whom it could be a life-saving skill. That’s a wonderful reward in itself. In addition, your own skills will grow as you learn the other methods and techniques taught by AWARE.

Does this sound good to you? Then please contact AWARE!