Stalking Quiz
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Stalking Quiz

1. Which of these is stalking?
A stranger who makes you somewhat nervous crosses your path twice in one day  
A man calls you up for a date four times, though you never agree to go out with him  
A man you went out with once refuses to understand that you don't want to see him again, and has been phoning you, sometimes dozens of times a day, for several months. His behavior frightens you.  
Someone you don't know drives slowly past your house twice every evening for a week  
2. Which of the following have stalkers been known to do?
Send their target a bedpan  
Break into the homes of their victim's relatives  
Kill their victim's pet  
All of 1-3  
3. Stalkers are usually . . .
Under 21 years old  
Mentally ill  
Strangers to their targets  
4. If you are the target of a stalker, you are probably . . .
5. How many stalkers become violent?
6. To determine whether a stalker will become violent, you should . . .
Consult a professional, who will use a formula to determine your degree of risk.  
Determine whether the stalker has made threats or not.  
Find out whether the stalker is mentally ill.  
None of the above.  
7. If you are being stalked, should you get a restraining order?
8. If you are a woman, your stalker is most likely to be . . .
a stranger  
someone you work with  
a woman  
a (current or former) former husband or boyfriend  
9. Most women who are murdered by intimate partners are stalked by them first.
10. Who do "celebrity stalkers" target?
Movie and TV actors and actresses  
Company executives  
Political figures  
Radio personalities  
All of the above  
11. How can you find out more about stalking?
Check out AWARE's special information on stalking.