Self-Protection Quiz
Arming Women Against Rape & Endangerment


Self-Protection Quiz

1. You are walking to your car in a deserted parking area after working late one evening, and you hear someone behind you who is quickly approaching. You realize that person can reach you before you can get to your car. What would you do?
Don't look back, walk faster, try to get into your car before they reach you.  
Put your hand on whatever defensive tool you are carrying, turn your head so you can see who is approaching.  
Stop and turn around, pull out a weapon if you are carrying one.  
2. You are on a long drive and stop at a fast food restaurant late at night. When you return to your car in the deserted parking lot, you encounter a man with a knife in his hand who orders you to go with him. What would you do?
Cooperate with him and look for an opportunity to escape.  
Try to talk him out of it.  
Refuse to go with him and resist in the strongest way possible.  
Pretend to faint.  
3. You are preparing dinner for your children when your ex-husband, currently under a restraining order, begins banging on the door and screaming that he is going to kill you. What would you do?
Get the kids into a safe room, arm yourself, call the police.  
Collect your kids and leave by another door.  
Try to talk him out of it while your oldest child calls the police.  
Call the police