I’ve always hated the cover of my book, Safety for Stalking Victims: How to Save Your Privacy, Your Sanity, and Your Life.  How the book came to have a picture of what looks like a woman falling though mid air, instead of something conveying the relentless fear and anxiety stalking victims experience — well, that is just too long to explain in a blog post.

I wrote the book because other books about stalking at that time focused on analyzing the types of stalkers, detailing the kinds of things they did, and offering some strategies that might, or might not, make them stop.  Very little addressed specifically the problem of safety.  How can one tell whether a particular stalking situation is truly dangerous, and if so, what can a person being stalked, usually a woman, do to protect herself?

The book first came out in paperback, and has benefitted many people, some of whom have conveyed their thanks.  Susan said, “I want you to know how much your book helped me to regain my strength and resist defeat in my personal stalking case. “  Julie said, “The other stalking books I have purchased just scared me and did not empower me at all, so I am really thankful for your book!”  Linda said, “It provides a concise and user-friendly set of techniques that anyone can implement. “

When eBooks first came out, I was told by my publisher that my book could  not be converted to that format, for some obscure reason.  But recently that reason has vanished, and now the book is available from Amazon KindleApple iTunesBarnes&Noble NookGoogle eBooks, and other sources.

So if you are being stalked, know anyone who is being stalked, or just want to learn about this difficult-to-combat crime, you can get the original paper or download the newest eBook form.  You might dislike the cover as much as I still do, but the information inside should make getting past the cover worthwhile.