Safety for Stalking Victims

How to save your privacy, your sanity, and your life

by Lyn Bates

It is not a rare problem - one out of every 12 women, and one out of every 20 men, will be stalked sometime in their life, according to the National Institute of Justice. Most of those episodes end well. Some of them don't. It's important to learn to judge when nuisance turns to danger, and what to do right from the beginning to reduce the chance of that happening. And if you're already being stalked, it's critical to learn what you can do to reduce the danger.

If you are being stalked, or if you are concerned about someone who is the target of this potentially very dangerous crime, safety should be at the top of your priority list. Being the target of an obsessed person is a frightening experience. But it isn't necessary to live in fear. Learning how to be safe is the key.

This book explains what stalking is, how to keep it from overwhelming your life, what is known about evaluating a stalker's potential to turn violent, and how to keep the situation from becoming worse, while being ready for anything. Using scenarios based on real stalking cases, this book overflows with detailed, practical strategies to put you in control of your life, and let you break the cycle of terror.

Topics include:

  • Who stalks, who is stalked, and why
  • Evaluating the seriousness of the situation
  • Replacing terror with sensible precautions
  • Restraining orders - good or bad?
  • Should you try to "disappear," and if so, how?
  • Protecting your children
  • Maintaining your privacy
  • Self-defense - what works, what doesn't
  • Safety on a budget
  • Strategies that don't work
  • Helpful web sites and organizations

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What people are saying about this book

I want you to know how much your book helped me to regain my strength and resist defeat in my personal stalking case.
     Thanks a zillion,

I am really taking my time with your book now and it is really great. The other stalking books I have purchased just scared me and did not empower me at all, so I am really thankful for your book!

As both a sworn police officer for over 25 years and as a self-defense instructor, I found Lyn Bates' Safety for Stalking Victims absolutely on point. It is invaluable for anyone "in the situation" but it is more than that. It should be read by any potential victim beforehand . . . and it is "must reading" for the kind of strong women and men to whom future victims will turn when they are in trouble.
     Massad Ayoob, Trainer

Safety for Stalking Victims is an essential guide for victims of this crime, offering practical and readable must-have information for self-preservation and protection.
     Doreen Orion, M.D. Forensic psychiatrist, author of I Know You Really Love Me: A Psychiatrist's Account of Erotomania, Stalking and Obsessive Love

Safety for Stalking Victims is truly one of the most extensive and practical publications written to assist victims not only to understand the problem, but to find practical solutions. Very well written! Easy to read and understand!
     Michael Scott, author How to Lose Anyone Anywhere

... provides a concise and user-friendly set of techniques that we can all implement, whether we are female or male. ... It provides so many options that one can flexibly choose what will be the best strategy for themselves.
     Linda M. Kinczkowski, assistant professor, Eastern Michigan University, book review in The Law Enforcement Trainer

Your book is informative and I have followed the advice in taking responsibility for my personal safety.

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