stalking quiz

How much do you know about stalking?  In about 5 minutes, you can take this short (10 questions) Stalking Quiz.


You might have a situation with someone, and would like to know whether that is actually stalking or not.  A friend might have a situation, and need your help.  Maybe you are just curious to find out how much you know about this incredibly annoying, often frightening, and occasonally very dangerous crime.


Someone you don't know drives slowly past your home twice every evening for a week - is that stalking? What kinds of things do stalkers do?  Should you get a restraining order? Are stalkers usually under 21?   Mentally ill?  Strangers? 


Detailed information is available when you reveal the answers.  AWARE provides FREE services to people who might be the target of this crime.  We can help figure out what kind of stalker you have, and provide detailed, personalized  safety suggestions, whether or not your situation fits the legal definition of stalking.  Try the Stalking Quiz now.