Dstun-gun-no-3oes it make sense to you that stun guns and tasers are not legal for private citizens in Massachusetts?  In a state where it IS legal to buy, own and use firearms, shouldn't everyone have the same access to these less lethal self-defense tools? Michael Rosman is trying to make that happen.


Who is Michael Rosman?  He is, a lawyer at a conservative/libertarian public interest law firm, the Center for Individual Rights in Washington DC.  He is working to bring a case in Massachusetts to challenge this law.


I have volunteered to put together a small group, an "association in fact," of people who would like to see this law changed.  This is not, and never will be, a request for donations. 


It might involve having Michael Rosman represent us, but it will not cost you anything; his law firm and this effort are funded by other people and organizations, not by you and me.  It may involve becoming plaintiffs in this lawsuit, if you want.


Interested?  Curious?  Email me, bates@aware.org for more information.