Czubek photo

Who is Cathryne Czubek, you might ask?  AWARE folk know, but this is to reach other folk who might be very interested in seeing A GIRL AND A GUN, a wonderful documentary film by this woman.

From the theatre’s website, “A Girl and a Gun shows the female perspective on an object whose history is deeply bound to men and masculinity.
The classic Hollywood portrayals of pistol packin' mamas, tomboy sharp shooters, sexually twisted femme fatales, and high-heeled, cold-blooded assassins are caricatures. In truth, the typical woman who hangs out at rifle ranges and keeps ammo in her purse is the girl-next-door, the single mom, a hard working sister or aunt. Maybe she's a realist or has learned tough lessons from life; either way, she cares about her personal safety and may even find salvation, comfort or something satisfying in possessing a gun. In a word, she is empowered.
Breaking through the caricatures, A Girl and a Gun reveals America's diverse and far-ranging female gun community. It depicts how this community is portrayed by the media and targeted by the gun industry; and shows, through personal stories, how guns change women's lives.”

Cathryne, the film’s director and producer, (who strived to make the film non-political) will be here for this showing, and for a Q&A discussion afterward, joined by Robin Natanel (one of the women featured in the documentary) and Lyn Bates (Robin’s instructor, also in the film).

When: Wed July 3, 7:00 pm

Duration: 76 minutes

Where: Screening Room Theatre of the Coolidge Corner theatre, Brookline MA

This theatre seats only 45 people.

Advance tickets online at the theatre's website.