Basic Pistol

Learn and practice the fundamentals of safe and accurate pistol shooting, from Massachusetts-certified instructors. You do not need to own a firearm or have prior shooting experience to take this course. Do you feel comfortable around firearms? If not, this course is for you, even if you never intend to own one. This class is also suitable for people who have some experience with firearms, but want a review of the basics or need a proof-of-training certificate. Upon completion, students receive a completion certificate suitable for license applications. Firearms and ammunition are provided.

This course is certified by the Massachusetts State Police to satisfy training requirements for a Massachusetts FID card or a Massachusetts License to Carry Firearms (Class A or B).

During this course, you will:

  • Learn how to safely handle firearms
  • Be able to identify different firearms and their primary parts
  • Understand the mechanics of how a firearm functions
  • Learn and practice the basics of sight alignment, sight picture, and trigger control
  • Fire several different types and calibers of firearms

Class duration: 8 hours

Cost: $110

Class Size: 6 maximum to insure personal attention to each participant.

Student requirements: Students must present a license (Massachusetts FID card, or firearms license) or sign an affidavit stating that they have no criminal record.

Prerequisite courses: None 

womenonlineWhat graduates say...

"2 thumbs up!"

"Excellent introduction to basic pistol safety skills."

"It was not intimidating! Wonderful to learn with other women!"

"I came into the course being afraid of guns and thinking they should be banned. I now have a better appreciation for guns."

"A very friendly group of instructors made me feel comfortable."

"It generates a feeling of confidence and eliminates fear of guns, while instilling respect."

"Intelligently presented."

"Good even if you never want to own a gun."

"A great learning experience - an exercise in conquering fear."

"It's not scary. Accessible for all kinds of people."



Prior Experience or Training
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